We offer a wide variety of custom designed electromagnets which generate uniform or proportioned magnetic field shapes and a wide range of magnetic field intensities.

Wiring & Harness Assemblies

STI has a full line up of wire and heat shrink processing equipment from top ranked companies like Artos, and Komax. As well as a connector and crimping line fully equipped with the latest Molex equipment. Our cable assemblies and wire harnesses are produced for a wide


Transformers vary in size with a wide range of transformer designs being used in electronic and electric power applications.


STI can design a totally custom solenoid actuator to fit your exact needs and meet the unique requirements of your application. As a precision manufacturer we have the capability of producing all types of solenoids.


Sensors are used in a wide spectrum of industries and applications such as automotive, medical, electrical, physics, nuclear research, defense, seismology, acoustics, measurement devices and more.


Toroid coils and transformers are manufactured per your prints, procedures and specifications. We can manufacture a wide array of shapes and sizes of toroid coil for nearly any application.

Fine Wire Coils

Standard Technology offers fine wire windings for all your applications using wire gauges ranging from 38 AWG to 48 AWG. Coil design engineering services are available with the ability to wind all shapes and sizes for inductance and with multiple polarity.

Varnished Coils

Standard Technology can produce varnished coils with or without a bobbin and to your exact specifications.

Self-Supporting Coils

Self-Supported coils (air coils) are used in irregular or bobbin-less applications where space may be a limiting factor. Standard Technology has the ability to wind a wide array of self-supported coils to meet your needs, special limitations and volume requirements.

Harsh-Environment Coils

When it comes to harsh environments no two customers are the same. At Standard Technology we have developed strong vendor relations to aid in the selection of materials that would be appropriate for any application.

Encapsulated Coils

Standard Technology Inc. has an outstanding track record of producing encapsulated and over-molded coils for many industries.