Why STI?

Why STI?

Standard Technology Inc. is a small team of experts dedicated to producing quality coils, solenoids, sensors, electromagnets and more while providing exceptional customer and custom design services. As we work your design from conception to production our engineers will work closely with you to be sure all yours needs, specifications and expectations are met to your satisfaction.

Standard Technology has incorporated a unique blend of expertise with the most widely needed molding and engineering technologies in the market today. We offer a full range of injection molding with experience in Thermoplastic, Thermo Set and Epoxy.

At Standard Technology Inc. we go beyond the standard practices of others, taking pride in our standards of quality, precision and speed that surpass most other companies. We will work with your current design or aid you in a new design and we can take your project from conception to production. At Standard Technology Inc. we never forget that the simplest of details can have the largest of impacts, going above and beyond to conquer any challenge that may arise; even the most difficult of applications.

With over in house machine capabilities and 25 years’ experience behind us producing coils, solenoids, electromagnets, sensors and more we have a long list of satisfied customers in all types of fields including but not limited to:

  • Automotive and After Market Automotive
  • Military/Government
  • Commercial
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Environmental
  • Energy/Solar
  • Industrial
  • NASA
  • Transportation/Railroad/Avionics
  • Research and Development/Space Propulsion Laboratories

At Standard Technology we are engaged in work providing the world with affordable precision products made with superior quality in
the USA.

We are….

  • We are engaged in honorable work providing the World with useful, productive, affordable products.
  • We do this with the distinction of a long reputation for Quality, Service, Performance, and Value.
  • We deal fairly. We keep our word.
  • We understand profit is a vehicle to our purposes and not our only purpose.
  • We support our community.
  • We enjoy what we do. We are good at it.
  • We are getting better all the time.
  • We are grateful to God for our blessings.
  • We respect and encourage each other.
  • We show pride in our work.

We are Standard Technology, Inc.