Sensors are used in a wide spectrum of industries and applications such as automotive, medical, electrical, physics, nuclear research, defense, seismology, acoustics, measurement devices and more. All sensors are manufactured to original design requirements and meet all quality and environmental specifications. We designed for many harsh industrial environments with extremes in temperature, pressure, vibration and shock.


We have designed and manufactured speed sensors for all three of the nation’s auto makers as well as many of the foreign auto makers. Speed Sensors manufactured by Standard Technology include:

  • Hall Effect Sensors
  • (VR) Variable Reluctance Sensors
  • Amplified (active) Speed Sensors
  • (MR) Magneto resistive Sensors


Fluid level sensors are used in measurements of automotive oil levels, coolant levels and brake levels. Fluid Level Sensors manufactured by Standard Technology include:

  • Water Level Sensors
  • Hydraulic Fluid Level Sensors
  • Coolant Fluid Level Sensors
  • Gas Fluid Level Sensors
  • Oil Fluid Level Sensors