Standard Technology specializes is manufacturing premium quality coils of all shapes and sizes. From standard coils to fully customized coils we can handle any project from conception to production.

Custom Coils

Our experienced team specializes in producing custom designs and odd coils that no one else can or wants to produce and will conquer any challenge to accomplish the task. We offer a wide array of coils including but not limited to:

  • AC/DC Coils
  • Bobbin Wound Coils
  • Circuit Breaker Coils
  • Custom Coils
  • Encapsulated Coils

encapsulated and over-molded coils

Standard Technology Inc. has an outstanding track record of producing encapsulated and over-molded coils for many industries. Our team has extensive experience in coil design and is ready to design your coils to your design and UL requirements or design a custom coil to fit your exact needs. We are ready and able to produce even the most difficult of applications and specialize in a full range of injection molding and encapsulation using material from the best suppliers. We take pride in producing product that has quality and durability while maintaining cost efficiency and an environmentally friendly work place.

  • Thermoplastic
  • Thermo Set
  • Epoxy
  • Fine Wire Coils

fine wire windings

Standard Technology offers fine wire windings for all your application using wire gauges ranging from 38 AWG to 48 AWG. Coil design engineering services are available with the ability to wind all shapes and sizes for inductance and with multiple polarity.

  • IDC Coils
  • Layer Wound Coils
  • Leaded Coils
  • Magnetic Coils
  • Null Coils
  • Over-Molded Coils
  • Paper Section Coils
  • Pinned or Precision Wound Coils
  • Suppression Coils
  • Self-Supported Coils

Self-Supported coils

Self-Supported coils (air coils) are used in irregular or bobbin-less applications where space may be a limiting factor. Standard Technology has the ability to wind a wide array of self-supported coils to meet your needs, special limitations and volume requirements.

  • Taped Coils
  • Rebuilt Coils
  • Remanufactured Coils
  • Varnished Coils

Varnished Coils

Standard Technology can produce varnished coils with or without a bobbin and to your exact specifications.  Standard Technology applies varnish in a variety of different ways including

  • Brushed
  • Dipped
  • Sprayed
  • Harsh Environment Coils


Our experience in Industrial and Electrical Engineering as well as Engineering Math means we can offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and diameters. Our specialty coils can be found in a variety of different industries such as transportation, aerospace, automotive, medical and environmental. All custom coils are designed to meet your individual requirements. Specialty coils would include but is not limited to:

  • Circuit Breaker Coils
  • Null Coils
  • Suppression Coils

specialty encapsulated and over-molded coils

When it comes to harsh environments no two customers are the same. At Standard Technology we have developed strong vendor relations to aid in the selection of materials that would be appropriate for any application. Many times there is no existing product that can hold up to the stress of some applications and that is where we really shine. We will work directly with our vendors to develop an entirely new encapsulation material just for your project and we will work closely with you to ensure that the material not only meets but exceeds your requirements. Some examples of environments our products have been produced for would be:

  • High Temperatures
  • Underwater, Salt Air and Offshore
  • Deep Space
  • Coil Assemblies
  • Replacement Coils